Best Futon for Tall Person | 7 Extra Long Futons 

It is challenging to find the best futon for tall person, but do not worry. We have got you covered. If I talk about my family, one of my cousins is 7 feet tall. He feels discomfort while sleeping in bed. He always tries to find the best sofa bed for sleeping, so for this, we go to different markets for the best match.

I saw the futon and was shocked because it provides a sitting and sleeping feature as well. The unique thing about futons is that they are supportive of tall people. So we bought it, and now my cousin is enjoying it. 

When I searched this thing online, I found that many people have this issue. So I write an article to solve your problem from my experience. This article is full of information with 7 different product reviews. Are you ready to see these? Then let’s go. 

Wait, wait, wait! Before purchasing a futon, check the buying guide given below, which will help you to choose wisely. 

Sometimes people have a problem with the low height of a futon, which may happen to you, so we have written a complete article in which you can learn 5 different methods to raise the height of a futon. Make sure to read it after going through this article.

7 Highly Demand Futons for Tall People

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Kodiak Futon Brand: Kodiak Furniture
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
Frame Material: Wood
Dimensions: 31″D x 85″W x 44″H
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backpac Phoenix Espresso Futon Brand: Kodaik
Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
Frame Material: Wood
Dimensions: 97″L x 54.5″W x 23″H
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cordlessblower Mr. Kate Stella Futon Brand: Mr. Kate
Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
Frame Material: Wood
Dimensions: 33.5″D x 80″W x 32.5″H
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cordlessblower IULULU Futon Brand: IULULU
Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
Frame Material: Engineered Wood
Dimensions: 33″D x 71″W x 31.5″H
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cordlessblower DHP Emily Futon Brand: DHP
Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
Frame Material: Chrome
Dimensions: 34″D x 71″W x 32″H
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cordlessblower JUMMICO Futon Brand: JUMMICO
Weight Capacity: 500 lbs
Frame Material: Metal
Dimensions: 31.4″D x 65.8″W x 28.5″H
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cordlessblower Opoiar Futon Brand: Opoiar
Weight Capacity: 600 lbs
Frame Material: 
Dimensions: 71″D x 33″W x 31″H
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Best Futon for Tall Man and Woman | Buying Guide

  • Size: A queen or king-size futon is the best size for a tall person, which can easily accommodate a 7-foot-tall person. 
  • Frame Material: Choose a sturdy and durable frame material that can support your weight. Hardwood and metal frames are the best choice. 
  • Mattress Thickness: Select a thick mattress at least 8 inches or more for better support and comfort while sleeping. 
  • Weight Capacity: Check the weight capacity of a futon that can support the weight of a tall person without compromising stability. 
  • Upholstery: Consider the material used for the upholstery, such as leather, microfiber, or fabric, and ensure that the upholstery is comfortable, easy to clean, and durable. 
  • Ease of Conversion: Look for a futon that can easily convert from sofa to bed position and vice versa. 
  • Style and Design: Choose a futon that completely fulfils your decor and personal style. 
  • Customer Reviews: Read customer reviews to get the correct information from the experiences of other tall users. 
  • Warranty: A warranty can indicate the manufacturer’s confidence in their product, so look for a futon with a warranty. 
  • Budget: Set a budget range based on your preferences and requirements. It is important to find value for your money. 

Mostly, heavy-weight people need sturdy and high-quality futons that support heavy weight, to keep this in consideration we have given the best and high-quality futons reviews. So, make sure to check it out if you need it.

Best Futon for Tall Person | 7 Extra Long Futons 

Latest Products Reviews for Extra Long Futons:

1. Kodiak Futon – Extra Long Futon in all Products / Queen Size Futon

best futon for tall person

Brand: Kodiak Furniture, Weight Capacity: 500 lbs, Fabric Type: Polyester, Seating Capacity: 4, Frame Material: Wood, Dimensions: 31″D x 85″W x 44″H

Kodiak offers you a futon in four different colors. This futon is made of high-quality hardwood, resistant to bends, and lasts very long; it also looks lovely. When converted, it can change to a queen-sized bed.

This futon is relatively large; it is ideal for large spaces such as living rooms. The Kodiak futon is very easy to assemble, and it can be assembled without using tools. This futon is made from plantation-grown hardwood, so it does not harm the environment, and using natural wood also ensures its quality and sturdiness.

The Kodiak futon has dimensions 85 “D x 44 “W x 22 “H. This futon offers you an astounding 85 inches of length, making it the best futon for tall person. This is the longest futon on our list and can easily accommodate people of all heights. The use of a black suede mattress ensures that it will be comfortable.

Key Features:

  • Use of Real Wood: The Kodiak futon is made of plantation-growth wood; this does not harm the environment, and using natural wood also ensures its quality.
  • All Heights Supportive Futon: This futon features 85 inches of length, which is enough to accommodate people of all heights. 
  • Ideal Futon for Large Room: The Kodiak futon is a relatively large futon, which makes it a perfect futon for large spaces such as living rooms.


  • Large spaces supportive
  • High-quality suede mattress
  • Use of natural and robust wood
  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • 85-inches thick mattress
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Not suitable for small spaces
  • It is not a metal frame futon 

Final Verdict: 

This is a queen-size futon that is exceptionally long and sturdy. In support of this product, it will last you a long time without too much cost.  

2. Phoenix Espresso Futon – Second Extra Long And Luxury Futon

best sofa bed for tall person

Brand: Kodaik, Weight Capacity: 600 lbs, Fabric Type: Microfiber, Seating Capacity: 4, Frame Material: Wood, Dimensions: 97″L x 54.5″W x 23″H

Phoenix Espresso is the second-best bulky futon on our list. It features dark colors and comes with inbuilt drawers. The mattress is made from microfiber and has a 7-inch thick foam! The foam is extremely comfortable and ideal for a big person.

The dimensions of the Phoenix Espresso futon are 80 “L x 60 “W x 7 “H. The staggering length makes it the best sofa bed for tall person. The inbuilt drawers are also really huge so that you can say bye to your storage problems.

The frame of Phoenix Espresso is made of high-quality wood; it is sturdy and is sure to last you for a long time. This futon also features a button tufting design that is very attractive alongside the frame and mattress.

Key Features:

  • Queen Size Futon: The Phoenix Espresso is a queen-size futon that can fit people of all sizes. 
  • Thick Mattress: The 7-inch-thick mattress is also comfortable and does not sit with weight.
  • Attractive Design: This futon is gorgeous; the button tufting, black mattress, and black wooden frame combine to make a beautiful look.


  • High-quality frame
  • Beautiful design
  • 7 inches thick mattress
  • Very high length
  • Fit for people of all sizes
  • Huge inbuilt drawers


  • A bit expensive
  • Very bulky

Final Verdict: 

This futon has different and unique qualities, but I like three of them — the attractive design, the soft and cozy mattress, and the inbuilt storage. 

3. Mr. Kate Stella Futon – Beautiful and Long Lasting Futon

best futon for tall people

Brand:  Mr. Kate, Weight Capacity: 600 lbs, Fabric Type: Linen, Seating Capacity: 3, Frame Material: Wood, Dimensions: 33.5″D x 80″W x 32.5″H

Looking for a beautiful and comfortable futon that can accommodate your height — Mr. Kate has covered you with their Stella futon. This futon boasts a vintage design with button tufting and linen fabric that comes in various colors and finishes.

The Stella futon can be easily converted into three different positions for sitting, reclining, or sleeping. Its legs can be folded down to provide additional support when you’re sleeping, and the fabric is stain-free for easy cleaning.

What sets the Stella futon apart is its length. Measuring 80 inches long, it is the best futon for tall people who struggle with finding a comfortable futon to lay on. Additionally, the maximum load capacity of 600 lbs ensures that the futon can handle heavy weight.

The futon is also very easy to assemble, and it comes with six wooden legs that are not only sturdy but also made from high-quality wood that will last you a long time.

Key Features:

Vintage Designed Futon: Mr. Kate Stella is a beautiful futon with a vintage design that includes wood runners, a tufted back, and linen fabric.

Suitable Length: The futon’s length of 80 inches ensures it’s comfortable for tall people to lay on.

Sturdy Wooden Legs: The futon comes with six sturdy wooden legs that are made from high-quality wood, making it a durable choice for your home.


  • Beautiful vintage look
  • A very lengthy sofa
  • High-quality fabric and frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Offers multiple colors
  • Stain-free


  • Expensive
  • The fabric is firm

Final Verdict:

A long and beautiful futon is the dream of every tall person, and this is the futon that fulfills all the requirements you need. 

4. IULULU Futon – Best Futon for Large Spaces

futon for tall man

Brand: IULULU, Weight Capacity: 600 lbs, Fabric Type: Polyester, Seating Capacity: 3, Frame Material: Engineered Wood, Dimensions: 33″D x 71″W x 31.5″H

IULULU futon is a six-legged futon that comes in dark gray and black color. The six legs are chrome-plated and are hence bound to be long-lasting. You can use it as a sofa, adjust it to become a recliner or make it into a bed for sleeping. 

This futon comes with armrests that can be adjusted to four different positions; when changed, the armrests can also be used as pillows, saving the costs of buying pillows separately. The tufted design also adds to the beauty of this futon.

The IULULU sofa is coated with black powder, which gives it a stylish design. This futon has dimensions 71″ L x 33″ W x 31.5″ H. The 71 inches length allows a lot of space and makes it a good futon for tall man.

Key Features:

  • Chrome-Plated Legs: IULULU offers you a futon with six chrome-plated legs that are sturdy and ensure that the futon will be long-lasting.
  • Adjustable Arms: The armrests of this futon can be adjusted to four different positions. They can also serve as pillows, saving you the costs of buying them separately.
  • Good Length: The 71 inches length provides ample space for a tall person to sleep comfortably.


  • Six chrome-plated legs
  • Armrests can serve as pillows
  • Provide Enough length
  • Gorgeous design
  • Suitable for living room
  • 600 lbs of load capacity


  • Not a leather futon
  • The mattress is firm

Final Verdict:

I like one thing in this futon that makes it different from other futons on our list is its armrests. These armrests not only support your hand but also work as a pillow, which is amazing. 

5. DHP Emily Futon – High-Quality Fabric Futon 

best futon for tall person

Brand: DHP, Weight Capacity: 600 lbs, Fabric Type: Linen, Seating Capacity: 2, Frame Material: Chrome, Dimensions: 34″D x 71″W x 32″H

DHP Emily futon is a low-profile futon with six chrome-plated legs. The DHP Emily futon has six legs as compared to four on an ordinary futon, and its metal nature gives the futon sturdiness. This ensures that the futon will be long-lasting. It is straightforward to assemble within a few minutes. 

DHP Emily futon boasts high dimensions. It covers 16 inches of height, 43 inches of width, and a staggering 71 inches of length. Such a high length makes it the best futon for tall person. So, if you are a tall person and looking for a futon to sleep on, the DHP Emily futon is highly recommended.

This futon is available in several types of fabrics. It comes in faux leather, linen, and velvet; it also offers a variety of colors to choose from. The chrome-plated six legs make this a very sturdy choice, and that is why it can support weights of up to 600 lbs or 270 kg. This makes it a good choice for sized people, too. The futon has a button-tufted design that looks very attractive.

Key Features:

  • Six Legs Futon: DHP Emily offers you a futon with six legs instead of four, and the six legs are all chrome-plated. 
  • Sleeping Supportive: The futon covers 71″ in length for sleeping, so if you are a tall person and are looking for an excellent futon to sleep on, this might be the one for you.
  • Suitable Quality Materials: This futon comes in various materials and colors to personalize it for yourself.


  • Six chrome-plated legs
  • A lot of length
  • Variety of colors and materials
  • Ideal for small places
  • Button-tufted design
  • High-weight withholding capability


  • A bit firm futon
  • Take 30 minutes to assemble

Final Verdict:

The most essential and considerable thing in this futon is its high weight capacity. Yes, it can support massive weight without any problem.

6. JUMMICO Futon – Best Low Budget Futon

futon for tall people

Brand: JUMMICO, Weight Capacity: 500 lbs, Fabric Type: Faux Leather, Seating Capacity: 2, Frame Material: Metal, Dimensions: 31.4″D x 65.8″W x 28.5″H

The JUMMICO is a very lovely-looking futon that uses faux leather as its fabric. This futon comes with moveable armrests, so you do not have to buy separate pillows; it also comes with 2 cup holders, so you won’t have to worry about spilling your beverages. 

JUMMICO futon uses leather that is not only smooth and comfortable but is also very skin-friendly. The sponge pad is very thick and elastic. The dimensions of this futon are 65.9 “D x 36” W x 30.3 “H. 

The 65.9-inch length makes it a good futon for tall people. If you are looking for a futon that is suitable for living places and heightened people and also does not compromise on the design, this is the futon for you.

Key Features:

  • Use of Faux Leather: JUMMICO futon uses high-quality faux leather as its fabric. The leather is not only smooth and comfortable but also looks lovely.
  • Long-Lasting Futon: If you are looking for a long futon that looks lovely, comfortable, and long-lasting, this is the one for you.
  • Long Length Futon: JUMMICO offers you a futon with 65.9 inches of length. This provides ample size to support many tall people.


  • High-quality fabric
  • Smooth and comfortable
  • Moveable armrests
  • Cup holders
  • Gorgeous design
  • Suitable for prominent places


  • Not suitable for small places
  • Not very sturdy

Final Verdict: 

Thanks to this futon, it is not only a low-budget futon but also has suitable quality materials, whether it is a frame, cover, or fabric.

7. Opoiar Futon – Best mid-century Futon

best futons for tall guys

Brand: Opoiar, Weight Capacity: 600 lbs, Fabric Type: Faux Leather, Seating Capacity: 3, Frame Material: Wood, Dimensions: 71″D x 33″W x 31″H

Opoiar futon is a mid-century-looking futon. This futon comes with six chrome-plated legs, so the sturdiness of this futon comes without saying. It comes in four different colors. The three-inch-thick foam ensures that this futon is comfortable.

The material used in the Opoiar futon is certified that no chemicals are used in the fabric that can harm your skin. This futon is also stain-free; if you happen to spill your drink, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth. This is one of the most easily assembled futons on our list.

The dimensions of the Opoiar futon are 71 “L x 33 “W x 31 “H. The 71 inches length makes it one of the best futons for tall guys.

Key Features:

  • Lovely Design: Opoiar futon offers you a futon with a beautiful mid-century-looking fabric that is not only comfortable and smooth but also does not irritate your skin.
  • Spacious Futon: The 71 inches length provides a lot of space. So, if you are looking for a futon that can accommodate tall people, this is the futon for you.
  • Stain-Free Futon: The fabric of the Opoiar futon is stain-free, so if you happen to spill your drink, you only need to wipe it off with a damp cloth.


  • Mid-century look
  • Large 71 inches in length
  • Stain-free
  • Certified chemical-free fabric
  • Six chrome-plated legs
  • Comes in various colors


  • Not very comfortable
  • The fabric is too firm

Final Verdict: 

The three things I like the most are stain-free surface, chemical-free fabric, and last but not least, they are available in different colors. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Lengths Do Futons Come In?

According to our research and experience, the futon length starts from 40 inches to 85 inches, which is impressive. So, futons can support the height of a small person to a large or tall person. 

What Size Futon Should I Get?

The size of a futon can vary from person to person. If your size is between 3 to 5 feet, then you should buy a 40 to 60-inch long futon. If your size is between 5 and 6 feet, then you should purchase a 60 to 72-inch futon. And if your size is between 6 to 7 or above, then you should buy a 72 to 85-inch futon. 

Final Thoughts: 

Finding the best futon for tall person needs careful consideration of many key factors to fulfill both comfort and functionality. A futon with proper and spacious dimensions, such as a queen or king size, is essential to accommodate taller individuals. 

I hope you like this article and the ingredients in it. This is an all-in-one guide, so if you have problems related to this article, you can ask our team in the comment section. They will help you as soon as possible. If you like our first product, then give it a rating. This will help us to know which product is best for our users. Take care of yourself and your family, and spread love worldwide by sharing our article, Thank you.

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