How to Wash a Futon? 9 Steps Process You Must Know

how to wash a futon

When I learned that most futon users want to know how to wash a futon, I went directly to my female friend, who is an expert at washing or cleaning a futon.

When I met her, she told me a step-by-step process and some essential tips on how to hand wash a futon. These steps are very important, and you should follow all these steps carefully. Let’s learn from the mouth of my female friend. 

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How to Wash a Futon? Let’s Dive in Step-by-Step

When your futon discolorize from dark sheets or covers and a few spills, it’s time to clean it deep. Washing a futon is an easy task, but you have to be careful with some steps, which my friend explains. No further delay, let’s know these steps. 

Step 1:

First, strip your futon from all comforters, pillows, and covers and put them in the washing machine. If your futon has a sealed cover, leave it on it and wash other stuff in the washing machine. 

Step 2:

Now it’s time to vacuum your futon with the vacuum cleaner. You do this step because your futon may have large and small dust particles that can damage it while washing its surface. 

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Step 3:

It’s time to grab a scrub brush and go over the mattress again before proceeding further. We do this step to get all the grooves of the futon mattress, but this is an optional step. 

Step 4:

Next, take a box of baking soda and sprinkle it onto the futon and use a scrub brush to set it on the futon. Cover the whole futon and use one or two boxes, depending on the size of your futon. Let the baking soda for 10 minutes; this will freshen your futon as well as soak up oils. 

Step 5:

Now remove the baking soda by using a scrub brush. Next, fill a spray bottle with water and add one tablespoon of clear dish soap. Make sure to take clear soap instead of colored soap. Further, shake the spray bottle to mix the mixture well. Spray this mixture onto the surface of the futon. Check for dry spots to ensure the spray covers all areas for deep cleaning. 

Step 6: 

After that, fill the spray bottle with half water and half hydrogen peroxide. Also, spray this mixture on the futon well. Follow the same sprinkle of baking soda on the futon and rub it lightly with a white towel. Keep in mind that the towel must be white.

Step 7: 

This step is the repetition of using the mixture in a spray bottle and baking soda, as explained in step five and sex. Do not forget to use a white and clean towel. 

Step 8:

Take a few hours or overnight for a deep clean; the time depends on how damp the futon is. After drying, vacuum or scrub brush the futon to complete this cleaning process. 

Step 9:

Now clean the futon frame, which is easy and requires less time than the mattress. Use the same mixture of water and baking soda to clean the frame. 

Steps to wash a futon

I was amazed at how all these four simple ingredients clean my futon. It looks good and new, and I thank my friend for helping me wash the futon. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You Put a Futon Mattress in the Washing Machine?

No, you can not put the whole futon mattress in the washing machine, but you can put the cover of the futon mattress. Remove the sheet from the futon and put it in the washing machine. 

Are Futon Covers Machine Washable?

Yes, futon covers are machine washable, but you have to check your futon; if it has a removable cover, you can wash it. Otherwise, you must follow the above step-by-step process to clean the futon cover. 

How to Clean a Cotton Futon?

It is also the same process as explained in this step-by-step guide, but you must be more careful while cleaning the cotton futon. Actually, cotton is sensitive to harsh rubbing and can be worn out due to this action. 

Final Thoughts: 

I hope you have gained a complete idea of how to wash a futon. There is no problematic step; only you need four ingredients to clean the full futon with its frame. However, I am very thankful to my friend who gave you and me a complete idea of how to clean a futon. 

We are experts in futon furniture and give different ideas about futons. We also solve other queries related to the futon and publish them on this website. If you have questions about the futon, do not hesitate to ask questions in the comment section. Thanks for your love. 

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